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The Adi Family Office is a fully diversified family office based in Dallas, Texas. We look for unique investment opportunities across several asset classes both locally and in emerging global hubs.


The vision of the Adi Family Office is to generate alpha returns by making strategic investments across an innovative portfolio in multiple asset classes with a strong focus on technology and digital transformation.

We believe that we are at a critical point in history where technology is intersecting with industries ripe for disruption, such as Healthcare, Financial Services, and Media & Entertainment.

The investments made at this intersection today, will affect us for generations to come.  The Adi Family Office is leading innovative investments across several asset classes and ushering in a new wave of transformation. We will always look to invest in areas where we have core expertise, value, and passion.


  • Achieving alpha returns across a diversified portfolio.
  • Make strategic investments that can be accelerated and scaled by the operational companies in The ADI Group and its clients.
  • Make investments that will advance humanity and improve quality of life.
  • Provide value to the many stakeholders impacted through the successful scaling of a promising concept.


“…Our goal is to invest in and deliver solutions to the world’s toughest business challenges with a focus on technology led initiatives, expertise and cutting-edge methodology…” 


WorldLink grew to a multinational enterprise over the last 20 + years. They have become a leader in technology and talent with a Fortune 50 customer base, servicing leaders in the telecom, technology and financial services sectors. Their emerging technology division provides unique analytics, cloud, AI and ML services which has grown drastically over the last few years. As a result of the tremendous growth of WorldLink the Adi Family established the Adi Family Office to leverage those decades of innovation and operational excellence to bring value to other asset classes, operators, and co-investors.

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As a fully diversified family office we are always looking for unique investment opportunities in the follow sectors.




WorldLink is an IT Services leader that has been the engine behind countless notable innovations over the last 22 years. Global clients across industries have digitally transformed their operations by partnering with WorldLink to leverage technological innovation to drive meaningful business outcomes.  WorldLink continues to support the transformation of the modern enterprise in the fields of 5G, cloud, AI/ML, application development, IoT and blockchain.



Inspired Intellect is an end-to-end service provider of data management, analytics and application development. Inspired Intellect engages through a portfolio of offerings ranging from strategic advisory and design, to development and deployment, through to sustained operations and managed services. Over a dozen Fortune 100 firms have engaged Inspired Intellect to more rapidly translate their data into monetizable assets. These assets drive impactful data products, actionable insights and enhanced business operations to enable decision-making and innovation across the modern enterprise.


A digital care provider that instills lifestyle
changes critical to self-management and
reducing chronic diseases

Combines many sources of data to offer
a unified platform for data and AI

Innovates single panel MicroLED
display technologies

Solves complex logistical problems for online shopping and delivery

R Go Robotics Logo

Provides mobile machines with human-level visual perception, enabling them to navigate autonomously in complex environments

Empowers clinicians to provide superior care and deliver savings to the healthcare systems through the implementation of wearable devices

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our team

Adil Adi

Adil Adi

Principal & Founder

Adil Adi, Chairman of The ADI Group, is an entrepreneur and investor who has successfully founded and scaled multiple businesses. Adi currently oversees the corporate vision across growth strategies and investments across the organization while supporting the technology and market development. In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Adi is passionate about healthcare and improving our collective quality of life. 

Adi again leverages his Family Office to deliver guidance, relationships and investment into early stage healthcare & life sciences companies such as Omada Health, Sonavex and Rejuvenation Technologies. Moreover, he is constantly supporting local academic researchers at institutes like UT Southwestern, MD Anderson and the Texas Medical Center. He currently sits on the board of the Mary Crowley Cancer Center which aims to expedite clinical trials for cancer patients. 

Lastly, Adil enjoys giving back to the entrepreneurial community by bringing together social stakeholders such as entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, investors, and other meaningful relationships from his network. If Adil wasn’t doing any of the above, he probably would have become a professional singer / actor. He is the first to jump on the mic and get a crowd going in group sing. 

He enjoys cycling, walking his beagle Shooter and supporting his sons on the golf course.

Sarosh Adi

Sarosh Adi

Managing Director

Sarosh Adi has been with the family office since its inception. 

He has taken on a leadership role by managing public equities investments and deploying his own proprietary strategy. In conjugation with this role, he is currently pursuing a career as a professional golfer, where he has achieved status on the Latin America, Canadian and Chinese PGA Tours. 

He earned a bachelor of science degree from Texas Christian University where he played and led the men’s Golf Team.

Piran Adi

Piran Adi

Managing Director

Piran Adi, a core member of the second generation of the Adi Family Office, has been with the Family Office since its inception, but has increased his involvement over the last year.


Piran has taken it upon himself to manage current and future investments for the Family. Working alongside Adil, Piran has become the lead contact for AFO and has helped re-focus the Family office to become more of a strategic and tactical partner for start-ups. By doing this, the portfolios investments have been mainly centered around industries and practices that are closely synergized with WorldLink, the operating company within the Adi Group.


Piran graduated from Southern Methodist University, majoring in Applied Physiology and Sport Management, where he was key member of the Men’s Golf Team. Piran is an active professional golfer who is currently competing in tournaments across the United States.

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